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Houston Tech Triumph: Nexlar’s Alfred360 Revolutionizes Gate Access Control Security & Communication

Houston Tech Triumph: Nexlar’s Alfred360 Revolutionizes Gate Access Control  Security & Communication

Alfred360 license plate access control for gate access systems and visitor management

Open Gate with you cellphone - easy access control and visitor management

Open Gate with you cellphone – easy access control and visitor management

Houston Gate Access control solutions logo

Houston Gate Access control solutions logo

Nexlar introduces Alfred360 in Houston: A game-changer in gate access, merging license plate recognition, visitor management, and toll tag reading.

Nexlar offers tailored security solutions for businesses. We prioritize systems that enhance security, streamline processes to boost your bottom line. Our focus your increase ROI.”

— Rodrigo Lima

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Nexlar’s Alfred360: Revolutionizing Gate Security and Management

Houston, Texas, August 30, 2023 – Nexlar, Houston’s renowned security integration company, today unveiled its innovative Gate Access Control solution—Alfred360.

A New Dimension in Gate Security:

Nexlar’s Alfred360 represents a groundbreaking advancement in gate access controls. This holistic solution merges a license plate reader, visitor management, contractor entry-exit tracking, and toll tag reader into a single, affordable, and user-friendly system.

Central to Alfred360 is its cloud-based touchscreen callbox and access control mechanism. This pioneering technology ensures seamless integration, facilitating the effective management of gate access points. The allure of Alfred360 lies not just in its automation but in the enhanced security and operational fluidity it offers.

What sets Alfred360 apart is its commitment to enduring quality, evidenced by its lifetime warranty. Nexlar stands behind its promise of premium maintenance and unwavering support, ensuring both longevity and unparalleled reliability.

Highlighting Alfred360’s Features:

1. License Plate Recognition: Smart cameras note each entry and exit, automatically unlocking for registered vehicles.
2. Contractors and Visitors Insight: Instantly know when a visitor enters or exits your property.
3. Visitor Management: Pre-register visitors for one-time access using a license plate or pin code. Receive instant notifications when the registered visitor arrives.
4. Touchscreen Callbox: Provides an easy interface for unregistered visitors to connect with on-site receptionists, employees, or residents.
5. Tolltag Reader: Seamlessly reads toll tags, including the EZ Tag.

Case Study: Optimizing Security and Operational Efficiency with ALFRED360

Company Profile:
SeAH Steel Holdings, established in 1960, stands as a leading steel pipe manufacturer in South Korea. Their expansive Houston facility, boasting seven gate entry points, had traditionally leaned on manual surveillance and access control techniques.

The Challenge:
Securing the facility required a continual rotation of 14 security personnel across its seven gate entry points, working around the clock. This approach, heavily reliant on manpower, amounted to an annual expenditure nearing $2.4 million.

The ALFRED360 Solution:

ALFRED360 emerged as a holistic, cloud-based access control solution, blending license plate recognition, toll tag readers, visitor management, and callbox systems. This configuration provided employees with effortless access, ensured smooth entry for pre-registered visitors and contractors, and critically reduced the demands on security personnel.

Key Features of ALFRED360:

Cloud-Based System: SeAH Steel’s IT unit experienced a marked ease in managing access courtesy of the system’s cloud-based foundation. This facilitated the prompt addition or subtraction of visitors and employees.

Instant Notifications: Configured for immediacy, the system dispatched real-time text alerts to designated personnel upon a visitor’s arrival, underpinning agile coordination and vigilant monitoring.

Comprehensive Visibility: The platform granted the security teams an unobstructed, panoramic perspective of all gate entry points, intensifying security protocols and effectively curtailing unauthorized ingress.

User-Friendly Interface: With its intuitive layout, ALFRED360 minimized adoption challenges, ensuring a smooth transition and incorporation into SeAH Steel’s current operational rhythm.


ALFRED360’s adoption translated into an elevated security benchmark for SeAH Steel, complemented by notable financial conservation. This transformation underscored the pivotal role that advanced technological solutions can play in reshaping the security and operational dynamics of industrial entities.

About Nexlar:

Nexlar is at the forefront of security solutions, with specializations in access control, video surveillance, and alarm systems. With a dedicated team and avant-garde technology, Nexlar is resolute in providing exceptional security solutions to entities of varying sizes. For more insights, visit [Nexlar’s Main Website](https://www.nexlar.com), [Access Control Solutions](https://www.nexlar.com/access-control-php), and for Alfred360 details, go to [Gate Access Control](https://www.nexlar.com/gate-access-control.php).

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Alfred360 Gate Access Control with license plate technology and access control

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/652803632/houston-tech-triumph-nexlar-s-alfred360-revolutionizes-gate-access-control-security-communication

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