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Affordable Excellence: How GFM Delivers High-Quality Landscaping Services at Competitive Prices during the Summer Season

Affordable Excellence: How GFM Delivers High-Quality Landscaping Services at Competitive Prices during the Summer Season

NEW YORK, Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In urban environments dominated by concrete structures, green spaces act as crucial cooling agents, counteracting the urban heat island effect. By incorporating trees, shrubs, grasses, and other landscaping elements, commercial properties can create cooler microclimates, offering respite from high temperatures and promoting environmental sustainability. Global Facilities Managers (GFM), a leading provider of commercial facilities services, emphasizes the pivotal role that greenery and well-maintained landscapes play in alleviating the impact of summer heatwaves and safeguarding against environmental hazards, including harmful pesticides and air pollution. Renowned for its excellence in service provision, GFM is among the top companies offering services nationwide across the United States. Recognized for its impactful work in regions such as NY, including upstate New York, CT, NJ, MD, VA, WV, PA, DC, NH, OH, IA, ME, MA, ND, and SD. 

Maximize Impact, Minimize Spend: Strategic Landscaping for Facilities

  • Cost-Effective Plant Selection
  • Smart Irrigation Technologies
  • Mulching for Moisture and Weed Control
  • Efficient Use of Hardscaping
  • Professional Landscaping Partnership
  • Regular Maintenance and Upkeep

In today’s market, strategic landscaping is not just about planting trees and mowing lawns; it’s about creating a dynamic environment that adds real value to each commercial property. By adopting these strategies, commercial property owners can ensure their landscapes are not only beautiful and sustainable but also a smart financial investment. 

Creating a thriving, resilient landscape that withstands the summer’s challenges not only enhances the property’s curb appeal but also contributes to a positive environmental impact and reduces long-term maintenance costs. 

Contact us today and GFM’s expert landscapers will provide quality long-term solutions to your landscape problems, providing incomparable work at an affordable price. Our services come with a guarantee of quality, provided free of charge for the next 30 days*. The complimentary package includes four cuts, scheduled weekly, along with edging, weeding, mulching, tree trimming, and a sprinkler turn-on. This deal is limited! For more information call 347-380-8787.

To learn more about GFM, visit: https://gfmngt.com/

About Global Facilities Managers

GFM has worked with many businesses, addressing high-cost landscaping challenges for lower prices rivaling competitor prices and quality. They have worked for giant multinational home improvement retail corporations, overviewing their property, and consulting them for the best course of action to increase foot traffic and address damages. Our team delivers top-notch services in landscaping, janitorial, and maintenance, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics for commercial properties. Backed by 25 years of experience and a dedicated workforce, GFM strives for excellence in every project. We prioritize sustainability, efficiency, and client satisfaction, making us the preferred choice for facility management needs. Partner with GFM for reliable, professional, and innovative solutions that elevate your property management experience.

Global Facilities Managers is located at 45 Rockefeller Plaza Suite 2000 in New York, NY 10111

SOURCE Global Facilities Managers Ltd

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