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Business Reporter: A new approach to Superalignment

Business Reporter: A new approach to Superalignment

Eliminating the constraints that operating in line with human values may put on AI

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 22, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an article published on Business Reporter, HTEC Group talk about the business opportunities offered by superalignment – the induction of AI to behave in accordance with human ethical values regardless of its intelligence. He argues that, although we are making a lot of effort to train LLMs for safety and adherence to a set of values, the fact that this approach results in substantial reduction in the model’s capability calls for turning the process on its head. First of all, prior to considering whether human values can exist at all beyond our level of intelligence, a consensus needs to be made on the set of the values we regard as universal. Human morality is full of contradictions thanks to its development over millennia, as well as the fact that it’s a repository of co-operative behaviours which proved advantageous across different ancestral environments. As a result, advocating for something while covertly violating it is a common pattern of behaviour observed across cultures – such as the relatively recent example of corporate efforts to gain dominance or reputation under a guise of social responsibility or a desire for risk mitigation.

So, maybe, instead of attempting to focus on aligning superintelligence with us, we may need to contemplate aligning ourselves with superintelligence, as a true answer to superalignment may entail solving deeper metaphysical problems. A large business today can take advantage of the pressure for superalignment by lobbying for business-specific values and marketing them as cultural. Meanwhile, companies not at the forefront of technical innovation in AI are left with the option to observe the changes in the technical, economic and ethical landscape, focusing on educating their workers on using AI and adhering to the emerging legal and ethical standards.

To learn more about how business values can be integrated into curated human values, read the article.

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