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Connext Partners with Tokensoft to Launch Crosschain Airdrops

Connext Partners with Tokensoft to Launch Crosschain Airdrops

Showcases New Technology with Long-Awaited NEXT Airdrop

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Connext, the pioneering blockchain interoperability protocol, today announced it is partnering with Tokensoft, the leading token launch and distribution platform, to launch Crosschain Airdrops as a Service. For the first time, airdrop recipients can claim their tokens on any chain without the need to bridge or pay unnecessary gas fees. This partnership promises further accessibility to token holders while allowing token creators to reach their users more effectively across chains. Crosschain airdrops will also be capable of leveraging the open xERC20 token standard recently proposed by Connext and adopted by Alchemix, allowing for zero-slippage crosschain transfers and better security for token creators. With the final snapshot taken, Connext will showcase this technology with their long-awaited airdrop of NEXT on September 5th at 3 pm CET. Users can now check their eligibility at airdrop.connext.network.

Unlike traditional airdrops, this technology allows token creators to airdrop their tokens to any chain users prefer, alleviating the need for users to claim on Ethereum and pay excessive bridging and gas fees to their chain of choice. Today, token creators can leverage this service to airdrop to Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Binance Smart Chain, and Gnosis Chain, with support for several additional chains planned by the end of the year. This collaborative product leverages Connext’s interoperability protocol and Tokensoft’s robust token issuance platform, creating a seamless experience for token creators and recipients alike.

“Blockchain applications are more interconnected than ever, a single application may be found deployed on several blockchains,” said Mason Borda, Co-Founder and CEO of Tokensoft. “We’re proud to launch with Connext to give communities the choice to access their favorite applications on their blockchain.”

How Crosschain Airdrops Work
The Crosschain Airdrop as a Service taps into Connext’s interoperability protocol, using native bridges to allow for crosschain transfers that maintain the same level of trust minimization as the underlying chains themselves. It utilizes xERC20 tokens that move across chains with zero slippage, and Connext’s network of routers speeds up transactions that might otherwise take time. Through Tokensoft’s platform, users entitled to an airdrop can easily select their preferred chain and claim it directly to their wallet without the need to interact with third-party services like bridges or DEXes.

Connext co-Founder Arjun Bhuptani commented on today’s news: “In today’s increasingly interchain world, in order to make sure their protocol is accessible, projects need to ensure their tokens are on multiple chains from day one. This is a great pattern for ways that people should launch tokens. We are excited to work with Tokensoft as one of the largest token platforms. Combining our strengths to make Crosschain Airdrops is a win-win for the web3 community. This service aims to allow token creators to create a broader and more inclusive community of token holders across all ecosystems. The partnership between Connext and Tokensoft will change the way we think about airdrops and building decentralized communities.”

Token creators interested in conducting crosschain airdrops can contact Tokensoft using this form.

The NEXT Airdrop
Connext is excited to launch a first-of-its-kind airdrop to its users across Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Gnosis Chain. Beginning today, users can check their eligibility at airdrop.connext.network and, if qualified, be able to claim beginning on September 5th at 3 pm CET.

Connext has also published its DAO Constitution and call for delegates. If you’d like to become involved in the Connext DAO or community, visit forum.connext.network, and join their Discord at discord.gg/connext

About Connext
Connext is the HTTP of Web3.

Users of decentralized applications currently face a complex and fragmented experience. To use Web3, they need the knowledge and skills necessary to connect to, bridge funds, and move data between different blockchain networks. This process is completely opaque for users and, as we’ve seen from over $1.5B in crosschain bridge hacks in the past two years, exposes them to unprecedented security risks.

As a public good, Connext aims to build an open and accessible future where users can reap the benefits of blockchains without specialized knowledge, or exposure to unnecessary risk. The Connext protocol paves the way for developers to easily create entirely new classes of blockchain applications that look and feel just like Instagram, Wikipedia, or other applications we use today.

Website: https://connext.network/
Brand Assets: https://github.com/connext/brand  
Twitter: https://twitter.com/connextnetwork
Blog: https://blog.connext.network/ 

About Tokensoft
Tokensoft Inc. works with blockchain foundations that want to launch in a scalable, secure, and compliant manner. The Austin, Texas-based technology company provides technology services to facilitate the launch and distribution of digital assets. The collective fundraising efforts of projects on the platform have surpassed a billion dollars.

Throughout its six years of operation, Tokensoft has served as a launch partner to top projects like The Graph, Avalanche, Moonbeam, and Tezos. With a strong multi-chain ethos, Tokensoft has processed over a million unique users on the platform across multiple blockchain ecosystems. Today, the team remains dedicated to providing innovative infrastructure to support the ever-changing needs of projects and their communities.

Media Contact:
[email protected]

SOURCE Connext

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/connext-partners-with-tokensoft-to-launch-crosschain-airdrops-301903912.html
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