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D-Central Technologies Announces the Launch of Bitaxe Supra: A Milestone in Open-Source ASIC Mining

Bitaxe Supra equipped with its Ice Cooler Tower and RGB fans

Unveiling Bitaxe Supra: A leap towards Satoshi’s vision with open-source mining for all.

Bitaxe Supra reignites Satoshi’s vision with a twist: One ASIC, one vote.”

— Jonathan Bertrand, CEO of D-Central Technologies

LAVAL, QC, CANADA, March 16, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — D-Central Technologies, at the forefront of Bitcoin mining innovation, is excited to announce the launch of the Bitaxe Supra, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Bitcoin mining. This introduction heralds a new era of efficiency, transparency, and performance, deeply rooted in the foundational principles of Bitcoin: openness, accessibility, and decentralization. Leveraging the revolutionary legacy of the Bitaxe, the world’s first open-source ASIC miner, the Bitaxe Supra incorporates the advanced BM1368 chip from Bitmain, setting a new industry standard with its exceptional efficiency of 17W/TH. This leap forward in mining technology not only underscores D-Central Technologies’ commitment to innovation but also aligns mining practices with the core values of the Bitcoin network itself.

In an industry often dominated by closed-source solutions, the Bitaxe series stands as a beacon of change, advocating for the necessity of open-source mining to mirror the decentralized ethos of Bitcoin. The Bitaxe Supra, through its state-of-the-art efficiency and commitment to open-source principles, aims to revolutionize the mining sector by making it more inclusive and democratic. As Bitcoin continues to grow as an open-source financial system, it becomes imperative that the mechanisms used to secure and propagate its network reflect the same principles of openness and community collaboration. The Bitaxe Supra is a testament to this vision, ensuring that Bitcoin mining remains accessible and in the hands of the global community, true to the spirit of decentralization.

Redefining Efficiency with the BM1368 Chip

The Bitaxe Supra, equipped with the BM1368 chip, marks a revolutionary step in the evolution of Bitcoin mining technology. Originating from the highly efficient Antminer S21, this chip delivers an impressive hash rate while maintaining an exceptional energy efficiency of 17W/TH. This integration not only enhances the Bitaxe Supra’s performance but also significantly lowers energy consumption. Jonathan, Founder and CEO of D-Central Technologies, emphasizes, “The Bitaxe Supra, powered by the BM1368 chip from the Antminer S21, is a culmination of Open Source Miners United’s commitment to mining excellence. It showcases some of the members dedication to providing the mining community with advanced and accessible Bitcoin mining solutions.”

The Bitaxe Legacy: Championing Open-Source Mining

The original Bitaxe laid the groundwork for a new era of mining technology, one where transparency, customization, and community-driven development are paramount. This ethos of open-source innovation has fundamentally altered the landscape of Bitcoin mining, making it more inclusive and accessible to a broader audience. The Bitaxe series has not only democratized mining hardware but also fostered a culture of collaboration and shared knowledge within the mining community. By continuing to champion the principles of open-source mining, D-Central Technologies and Open Source Miners United are leading the charge towards a more transparent, efficient, and community-oriented mining ecosystem. The Bitaxe Supra, with its advanced features and commitment to open-source principles, is poised to further this legacy, offering miners a powerful tool that aligns with the core values of cryptocurrency and the broader vision of a decentralized and open financial system.

Ideal for Solo and Solo Pool Mining

Optimized for both solo and solo pool mining, the Bitaxe Supra not only supports the Bitcoin network but also embodies Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision of “one ASIC, one vote.” This approach fosters decentralization and empowers individuals within the mining ecosystem, reinforcing the core principles of Bitcoin.

A New Era of Mining Empowerment

The introduction of the Bitaxe Supra signifies a new chapter in D-Central’s ongoing mission to empower Bitcoin miners. By merging unparalleled efficiency with the ethos of open-source collaboration, the Bitaxe Supra delivers a mining solution that is not only powerful but also aligns with the foundational values of the Bitcoin community, ushering in a new era of mining empowerment.


The Bitaxe Supra is currently available for pre-order exclusively through D-Central’s website. With anticipated high demand and limited availability, prospective buyers are urged to act swiftly to secure their unit and partake in the next generation of Bitcoin mining.

About D-Central Technologies

D-Central Technologies is at the forefront of the Bitcoin mining industry, dedicated to advancing mining technology with a focus on innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Recognized for our commitment to quality and excellence, they provide comprehensive mining solutions that cater to both novice and experienced miners. Their flagship product, the Bitaxe Supra, exemplifies our approach by integrating cutting-edge technology to offer unparalleled mining efficiency. Beyond hardware, D-Central fosters a vibrant community of miners through educational programs, support services, and advocacy for sustainable mining practices. Their mission is to democratize Bitcoin mining, making it more accessible and contributing to the decentralization of the mining ecosystem. For more insights into our services and the Bitaxe Supra, visit https://d-central.tech/

About Open Source Miners United

Open Source Miners United (OSMU) is a pioneering collective that champions the cause of open-source Bitcoin mining. Established in March 2023, OSMU serves as the global hub for developers, engineers, and enthusiasts dedicated to transparency and innovation in cryptocurrency mining. By challenging the status quo of closed-source mining operations, OSMU promotes the development and distribution of open-source mining technology, including firmware, PCB schematics, and KiCad files. This initiative not only empowers miners with the knowledge and tools to repair and customize their equipment but also aligns with the foundational principles of cryptocurrency as an open and decentralized medium. Through collaboration and community-driven projects, OSMU is setting new standards in the mining industry, advocating for a future where mining technology is accessible to all. Join their vibrant community on Discord to engage in development, share ideas, and contribute to the open-source mining movement, visit http://opensourceminersunited.com/

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