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DataGenie announces Genie+, GPT-4 integration that is set to revolutionize Data Insights with the Power of 1000 Analysts

Genie+, have real conversations with your data, where the insights flow naturally, guiding your decisions with unprecedented clarity.

Genie+ is like having an analyst right at our fingertips, guiding our decisions through natural conversations. We anticipate an even broader adoption of DataGenie across our diverse business teams.”

— Michele Di Gangi, VP of Data, Farfetch

PRINCETON, NJ, UNITED STATES, August 28, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ —
DataGenie, an insights democratization platform, is thrilled to announce Genie+, a remarkable innovation that leverages OpenAI’s large language models. This ground-breaking solution, seamlessly integrated with DataGenie’s advanced insights engine, brings to the table an intelligent digital analyst twin that promises to reshape the way businesses harness the potential of their data.

Genie+, literally the Power of 1000 Analysts


Genie+ ushers in a new era of decision making by introducing the concept of digital twins. Imagine having a virtual team of analysts of your data landscape that not only comprehends your data intricately but also interprets it intelligently. This digital twin mirrors the dynamics of your smart analysts and enhances their throughput, allowing for more intuitive analysis, identification of patterns, and foresight into potential trends. All through simple English language queries!

Harmonizing DataGenie’s Insights Engine


At the heart of Genie+ lies its seamless integration with DataGenie’s cutting-edge insights engine. This brings together the expertise of data analysis with the finesse of machine intelligence. The insights engine, powered by advanced proprietary algorithms, collaborates harmoniously with Genie+ to present a conversational interface to consume insights – a view that is insightful, actionable, and transformative.

Bridging the Gap between Data and Decision-Making


In today’s fast-paced business environment, having access to data isn’t enough. It’s about translating data into informed decisions. Genie+ acts as your conversational guide in this journey, offering simplified visualizations and interactive models that unlock the stories hidden within your data. This empowers decision-makers to make well-informed choices, backed by evidence-based insights.

MK (Karthikeyan Muthukumar), CEO of DataGenie said, “DataGenie fixes the ineffciencies in the existing BI tooling and delivers autonomous insights directly to end users. Now with LLM integration through Genie+, we have made the user experience much more natural. Its no different than talking to your analysts, just faster, more comprehensive & available round the clock.”

The Human-Tech Synergy


Genie+ stands as a testament to the harmonious synergy between human expertise and technological prowess. While this brings a new level of analytical capabilities, it’s important to emphasize that Genie+ isn’t about replacing human insight. Instead, it’s about amplifying human potential by offering a dynamic conversational platform that enables data-driven innovation.

Michele Di Gangi, VP of Data, Farfetch said, “Farfetch has been harnessing the power of DataGenie across multiple use cases, including fraud prevention, marketing ROI, operations, omni-channel, FinOps, etc. Introduction of Genie+ is like having an analyst right at our fingertips, guiding our decisions through natural conversations. With this we anticipate an even broader adoption of DataGenie across our diverse business teams.”

Security and Scalability


Concerns over data security and scalability are pivotal in today’s digital landscape. Genie+ places these concerns at the forefront, offering robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information. Additionally, its scalable architecture ensures that the solution grows seamlessly with your business tracking billions of data points, adapting to evolving data needs effortlessly. DataGenie is ISO 27001 certified.

Experience the Future Today


The future of data insights has arrived with Genie+. Unlock the potential of your data like never before, with an intelligent digital analyst team that works round the clock. Elevate your decision-making, gain unparalleled insights, and harness the power of data to drive innovation all through simple conversations and queries. Genie+ is the ultimate solution for those who believe in the transformative potential of data.

Join us in embracing this new chapter in data analysis. Discover Genie+ and unlock a world of possibilities today.

About DataGenie


Code Z Inc. DBA DataGenie is based in Princeton, New Jersey. DataGenie is a Gartner recognized, industry-agnostic Augmented Analytics product, that delivers autonomous data insights to non-technical users in a simple & intuitive conversational interface. Insights are presented in a story-like interface with contextual drivers, to aid timely and precise decision making.  DataGenie makes it inexpensive and effortless for businesses to realize data-driven decision-making at scale. Large enterprises including Farfetch, Logitech & Stadium Goods use DataGenie to derive deep, actionable & relevant insights for use cases including Fraud, Stock, Payments, Product, Marketing ROI analytics etc.

To learn more, visit https://www.datagenie.ai

Contact: [email protected]

List of Gartner reports recognizing DataGenie


1. Important and Compelling Innovations in the Analytics and BI Platform Market,

Published 22 January 2022

2. Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Data and Analytics,

Published 11 September 2022

3. Market Guide For Augmented Analytics,

Published 11 October 2022

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Genie+, Generative AI for Business Insights

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