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Dayhouse Studio launches the first design magazine focused on nature, health and sustainability, “Dayhouse Living”

Cover of the first biophilic magazine, “Dayhouse Living”, where design meets nature, health and sustainability.

Editors of “Dayhouse Living” magazine: Dorothy Huntsman, Editor-in-Chief, and Dr. Grzegorz Bulaj.

This biophilic interior design magazine provides inspirations and insights on healthy dwellings and nature-centric solutions to improve well-being.

We feel excited, humbled and honored to share our passion for biophilia, interior design and creating home environments for healthy longevity.”

— Dorothy Huntsman, Founder of Dayhouse Studio

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dayhouse Studio, a health-focused biophilic interior design firm, today launched a new online magazine where design meets nature, health and sustainability.

“Dayhouse Living” covers diverse topics including biophilic design, the evidence-based insights behind health benefits from nature-centric design, self-care and sustainable interior practices. In the first issue, “Introducing Biophilic Design”, the feature article “Healing by Design” explores diverse applications of biophilic design principles to create a home environment that supports mental and physical health.

The magazine will be issued online bimonthly, featuring articles from biophilic design experts including Dorothy Huntsman, Editor-in-Chief, evidence-based health care research experts including Dr. Grzegorz Bulaj, Editor, as well as topics covered by sustainability-focused architects, contractors and other designers.

“We feel excited, humbled and honored to share our passion for biophilia, interior design and creating home environments for healthy longevity,” says Dorothy Huntsman, founder of Dayhouse Studio and the magazine. “In preparing every issue of ‘Dayhouse Living,’ we aim to inspire and empower readers to examine their connections with self, home, nature and well-being through collections of diverse articles centered around prominent trends and important themes”.

The “Dayhouse Living” launch is a major milestone in the “Healthy Dwelling 2030” campaign that Dayhouse Studio and its collaborating partner, OMNI Self-care, started in February 2023. The main goal of this awareness campaign has been to disseminate evidence-based knowledge on how biophilic interior design can improve mental and physical health, as well as prevent chronic medical conditions.

Dr. Grzegorz Bulaj, founder of OMNI Self-care and the magazine’s co-editor, adds, “If every reader finds something interesting in the magazine, this will be great, however…. to quote a sage, ‘Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.’ We truly hope that this magazine will ignite in a reader new routines that will nurture her/his health-home-nature connections. This magazine will address growing interests in design for health, regenerative design, neuroaesthetics, building biology, interior landscaping, wellness design, restorative spaces and other approaches to improve the built environment.”

The first issues of Dayhouse Living will be available to subscribers at no cost.

About the Editors

Dorothy Huntsman and Dr. Grzegorz Bulaj co-authored and published a peer-reviewed article “Healthy Dwelling” dedicated to creating evidence-based, therapeutic home environments for people living with chronic conditions, such as migraine, chronic pain and depression. Now they aim to share their knowledge with a broader audience through this online magazine.

About Dayhouse Studio

Dayhouse Studio is an interior design firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah that is grounded in biophilic design, sustainable practices and evidence-based research to improve health. Biophilic design is a multi-sensory approach to creating spaces that emulate the experience we find when being in nature, inherently reconnecting people with the natural world. The company offers services for both residential and commercial clients. For more information about the company, visit their website: https://www.dayhousestudio.com/

Dorothy Huntsman
Dayhouse Studio
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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/717241217/dayhouse-studio-launches-the-first-design-magazine-focused-on-nature-health-and-sustainability-dayhouse-living

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