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Duolin Ge Shares All that Went into Making of the Award Winning ‘King of Avalon’ Trailer

VFX Duolin Ge -King of Avalon

Duolin Ge VFX Supervisor

Duolin Ge VFX Supervisor

On the set of King of Avalon VFX Supervisor

Duolin Ge on set of Film King of Avalon VFX Supervisor

The professional VFX supervisor for the mobile game King of Avalon by Funplus, Duolin Ge, came with a a team of experts for a power-packed intense effects .

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, December 15, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — By: Sherry Lee

Often unspoken of, the talent and hard work that make it all possible, the ones behind the camera, the VFX supervisor for the game King of Avalon trailer, Duolin Ge, recently spilt the beans about what it takes for the creation of VFX effects of high-quality. The minute-and-twenty-second-long trailer featuring Orlando Bloom comprised over forty heavy VFX shots and was completed in three months. Watch the trailer at King of Avalon: Official Live Action Trailer (ft. Orlando Bloom).

VFX has created a new era of creativity, empowering filmmakers, game developers, and television producers to explore unknown realms of imagination. Through effortlessly combining virtual elements with reality, it can craft captivating sequences, immersive backdrops, and stunning scene settings, offering viewers an unparalleled experience. Duolin Ge considers his work on the King of Avalon trailer a significant achievement in his career and a realization of a long-held aspiration of working in Hollywood. He had the incredible opportunity to work alongside the immensely talented Orlando Bloom, who starred in the iconic Lord of the Rings trilogy. Being a huge fan of the actor, this experience was a memorable one for Duolin.

Duolin led a team of ten VFX artists with limited resources and a tight timeline to deliver the project. Faced with the demanding work of animating a massive battleground filled with countless soldiers, he conducted extensive meetings. Finally, he came up with a solution to make it possible. A combination of traditional green screens with ultramodern game engine technology was used to replicate a realistic medieval battlefield. The execution is incredibly impressive, making distinguishing between the created scene and something reminiscent of Game of Thrones challenging. Sounds fascinating. It is all about dedication and experience shared by Duolin.

The trailer has received critical acclaim for its cinematographic brilliance, stunning visuals and the thrilling action experience it provides the viewers, which plays a role in their decision to play the game. It received the 2022 CLIO Entertainment Silver Award in the category of live-action trailer and was honored at the NYX Game Awards for being the best game video trailer.

Duolin had a great experience working with the project’s director, Dennis Liu, who is most known for his work on the Netflix series American Born Chinese and Raising Dion. At first, the VFX artist was nervous about working with a well-known director, but Dennis, whom he holds in high regard, quickly calmed him down. He was very complimentary of the director, considering him the pinnacle of professionalism in his field. He worked closely with the entire VFX crew and was always considerate in asking how they felt about a certain shot.

Duolin, who was born in China, valued the experiences of working with professional team of diverse culture. The supervisor is proud and grateful for the crew’s successful project completion. Duolin is filled with joy and emotions to see how individuals pursue their dreams continents apart in today’s globalized world. A chance to work with the names of Hollywood, he recalls his experience as something that will go a long way with him. He believes in an onward and upward approach to his career. He is determined to continue striving for similar opportunities that challenge him to step off the usual and create something impactful.

‘Everything about this project is so dear to me. It is close to my heart—a truly memorable work experience that I am proud of and want to relive repeatedly! I learned more about team management and enhancing my ability to control projects overall. I’ve realized that technical and artistic strengths are crucial for a project’s success, but soft skills like communication and management are just as important.’ VFX Artist, Duolin Ge

Duolin has been working for over eight years now. He holds a master’s degree in fine arts from the Academy of Art University. He Experience in feature films, episodic television, and numerous commercial projects, with a wide experience in all facets of Digital Compositing. Experience doing 2D look development and template creation, as well as completing key/hero shots on feature films. He also has strengths in team management, project analysis, bidding, and film production.

For more details and information, please head over to https://ca.linkedin.com/in/duolin-ge-3a8a3ba7. Follow Duolin Ge on Instagram to stay updated about his upcoming projects and some tips and tricks for visual effects!

About Duolin Ge

Duolin Ge is an experienced VFX artist. Born in China, the now-resident of North America was the VFX supervisor for the award-winning trailer for the King of Avalon game. He led the team of ten VFX artists to create a minute-and-a-half-second-long trailer that had forty high-quality VFX shots included.


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