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EEDL Webinar: Connecting Data Literacy to Individual Performance

About the Webinar

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Abstract concepts are much harder to grasp than issues that affect us directly. When we present data literacy as a series of terms and functions that are unfamiliar or unimportant, we lose our audience.

In this session we ask the questions:

  • By focusing on data that matters to a specific person, job, or industry, can we make literacy more relevant?
  • How can we promote interest in data by demonstrating line of sight from an individual job to company goals?

Wendy D. Lynch, PhD

Founder, dataintosolutions.com and Lynch Consulting

For over 35 years, Wendy Lynch, PhD has converted complex analytics into business value. At heart, she is a sense-maker and translator. A consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies, her current work focuses on the application of Big Data solutions in Human Capital Management.

In 2022, she was awarded the Bill Whitmer Leadership Award for her sustained contributions to the science of corporate health.

As a research scientist working in the business world, Dr. Wendy Lynch has learned to straddle commercial and academic goals, translating analytic results into market success.

Through her roles in diverse work settings—including digital start-ups, century-old insurers, academic medical centers, consulting firms, health care providers and the board room—she became familiar (and fascinated) with the unique language of each. She also became familiar with the difficult dynamic that often exists between business and analytic teams—preventing them from collaborating effectively.

Those experiences led to her true passion of promoting clear and meaningful conversations that produce mutual understanding and success. The result is her new book Become an Analytic Translator, and an online course.

According to McKinsey there will be a need for 2-4 million analytic translators in the next decade. Dr. Lynch hopes to train many data professionals to fill those positions.

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