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Founder and CEO of INSIDEA, Pratik Thakker, Featured in Spike’s Renowned “Through the Leader’s Lens” Series

Founder and CEO of INSIDEA, Pratik Thakker, Featured in Spike’s Renowned “Through the Leader’s Lens” Series

Pratik Thakker, INSIDEA’s Founder & CEO, shares insights on remote leadership in Spike’s “Through the Leader’s Lens” series, emphasizing trust and inclusivity.

I’m humbled by my feature in ‘Through the Leader’s Lens’. It’s a reminder that in leadership, authenticity is our most genuine connection, building trust in a digital age.”

— Pratik Thakker, Founder and CEO at INSIDEA

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, October 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Spike’s acclaimed interview series, “Through the Leader’s Lens,” recently spotlighted Pratik Thakker, the Founder & CEO of INSIDEA. This series is known for its deep dives into the minds of industry leaders, unveiling their unique perspectives on leadership, innovation, and the evolving digital landscape.

In this exclusive interview, Pratik shared profound insights on the intricacies of leading a global remote team. Drawing from his journey from India to Israel, he emphasized the transformative power of inclusivity, authenticity, and open communication in a team setting. “A happy team is a productive team. I always strive to create an environment where every voice is valued and heard,” Pratik remarked.

One of the standout themes of the interview was the significance of trust in remote leadership. The dynamic leader believes that trust transcends mere belief in abilities; it’s about genuinely caring for team members’ well-being. He elaborated on the importance of regular check-ins, ensuring team members feel valued beyond their professional roles.

Addressing conflict resolution, his approach is rooted in active listening, respect, and collaboration. He shared, “Listening without preconceived notions and encouraging open yet respectful communication is key.”

On team building in a remote setting, Pratik discussed INSIDEA’s strategies, ranging from weekly virtual meetups to in-person retreats, emphasizing the importance of bonding and open communication.

Reflecting on his leadership journey, the young CEO credited past managers for shaping his management ethos. He concluded, “At INSIDEA, we ensure every team member feels connected and empowered, irrespective of their location.”

The “Through the Leader’s Lens” series by Spike continues to provide invaluable insights from industry frontrunners, offering a roadmap for emerging leaders in the digital age. For the complete interview with Pratik Thakker and more from this series, visit Spike’s official blog.

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