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Gabriel Partners with Critical Response Group to Enhance Safety and Reduce Risk

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As we partner with Gabriel, they will play a crucial role in helping our clients reduce risk and enhance safety in public spaces”

— Mike Rodgers

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gabriel, a leading provider of cutting-edge public safety technology, is proud to announce its partnership with Critical Response Group, the nation’s leader in critical incident mapping data. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Gabriel’s mission to protect people and businesses from safety and security threats.

Gabriel, founded in 2017 by individuals who have been directly impacted by terror attacks and active shooter situations, is committed to leveraging technology to reduce confusion and save lives during a wide range of public safety threats. Their innovative all-in-one platform, comprising AI threat detection, a Mobile App, Virtual Command Center, and smart IoT Shields, empowers faster, smarter, and safer incident management, all while prioritizing security and privacy in day-to-day operations.

Critical Response Group® was founded because of the lessons learned by the United States Military Special Operations community during the Global War on Terrorism. The community was faced with the challenge of operating and communicating about unfamiliar locations while under stress during counter-terrorism missions. To solve that problem, they developed a visual communication tool, called a Gridded Reference Graphic (GRG), that combined a grid overlay with high-resolution overhead imagery and identifying labels and markers so mission participants could communicate from a site-specific common operating picture. The principles of a GRG were expanded and pivoted for domestic use as a Collaborative Response Graphic®, or CRG.

Known as America’s Common Operating Picture®, CRGs are built for schools, places of worship, hospitals, airports, government buildings, prisons, parks, corporate facilities, theme parks, and other critical infrastructure, and are used for emergency response, reunification efforts, and pre-planned or emerging events. The strength of a Collaborative Response Graphic (CRG) lies in its adaptability, enabling seamless integration with existing systems. This facilitates safety professionals in establishing a unified common operating picture that spans across various systems and disciplines of first responders.

Through the partnership, clients of Critical Response Group will gain access to Gabriel’s state-of-the-art technology, which includes a smart panic button, a simple command dashboard, integrated mobile apps, and a powerful network effect. These features enable rapid alerts, live video sharing, and two-way communication, ensuring a faster and more efficient response during critical incidents.

“We are thrilled to partner with Critical Response Group,” said Yoni Sherizen, CEO of Gabriel. “This collaboration is an important step in fulfilling our mission of protecting lives, reducing risk, and enhancing preparedness. Together with Critical Response Group, we are committed to making the world a safer place by providing innovative solutions that help get ahead of threats and mitigate risk when seconds make all the difference in the world.”

Gabriel’s customers will now be able to access the unique mapping abilities of Critical Response Group.

“As we partner with Gabriel, they will play a crucial role in helping our clients reduce risk and enhance safety in public spaces,” said Mike Rodgers, CEO of Critical Response Group. “We are eager to collaborate with Gabriel, and aim to provide comprehensive and effective risk management solutions to both our clients and theirs.”

The partnership between Gabriel and Critical Response Group is set to make a significant impact on public safety, demonstrating the power of innovation and collaboration in addressing the challenges posed by today’s world.

To learn more, visit Gabriel’s Website and Critical Response Group’s Website

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