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German Thermal Paste and Cooling Solutions Startup Thermal Hero Enters the North American Market

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A Flying Start for Thermal Hero’s Variety of Innovative Heat Dissipation Solutions

We aim to provide a solution that benefits all stakeholders. This entails offering fair & transparent terms for importers, distributors, & resellers while delivering excellent value for end customers.”

— Kaan Avci, CEO of IPROJEX

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, February 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Thermal Hero, a German brand developing high-quality thermal paste and cooling solutions, announced its official appearance on the North American market. Already well known in other parts of the world, Thermal Hero brings its diverse range of products consisting of thermal pastes, pads, liquid metals, and adhesives. The meticulously crafted Thermal Hero products are ready to help consumers in North America extend the life of electric devices and hardware components such as CPU coolers, GPUs, and chipsets.

Thermal Hero enters the North American market with a flying start as the startup’s main product series are already present at all major retailers in the US and Canada. The solutions already available to North American consumers consist of a thermal pad and four types of thermal paste.

NEO Series

Thermal Hero NEO is a premium thermal compound with excellent thermal properties. It has exceptional flow properties, low thermal resistance, and high thermal conductivity. This enables a minimum layer thickness and excellent cooling performance with low contact pressure. The paste is easy to apply and non-sticky. It is an effective solution for cooling a variety of PC hardware parts. NEO significantly lowers the processor temperature for stable and long-lasting hardware use.

Ultra Series

Thermal Hero ULTRA is a high-end thermal paste with ultra-high cooling performance, meager thermal resistance, and a thermal conductivity of ≤13.0 W/Mk. It is efficient at high CPU temperatures and ideal for newer processor generations with overclocking potential. A key feature is achieving good cooling performance during processor overclocking. The paste reacts flexibly to temperature changes and dissipates the heat quickly and constantly depending on the performance requirements, optimally protecting the computing power and the processor.

Quantum Series

Thermal Hero Quantum is a high-performance thermal compound with astonishing heat dissipation properties. It has very low thermal resistance with high thermal conductivity. Developed in 2023, the Quantum paste offers high cooling performance at high CPU and ambient temperatures. It suits the latest and largest generations of processors under high and continuous workloads. One of the main properties of the paste is that it maintains a stable cooling performance under such conditions so that a computer can deliver the highest possible computing power, prolonging the life of the equipment.

Metalliq Series

The METALLIQ series from Thermal Hero offers liquid metal made of gallium indium for extremely high cooling performance and rapid heat dissipation at high temperatures. The METALLIQ series was developed to provide fast cooling at high CPU temperatures and requires specific application instructions.

NEO Thermal Pad Series

The Thermal Hero NEO Series Thermal Pads are user-friendly premium thermal pads with high thermal conductivity (up to 12W/m*K) and low thermal resistance. They achieve a high cooling performance, which results in a significant temperature improvement compared to standard thermal pads and ensures stable operation of processors, components, and electronic parts under cooler conditions. This contributes significantly to the service life of these parts.

“Thermal Hero was well accepted in Europe, Asia and South America,” said Kaan Avci, CEO of IPROJEX. “Our next logical step was to enter North America and supply our high-end thermal paste solutions to our partners in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. With our Thermal Hero products, we aim to provide a solution that benefits all stakeholders. This entails offering fair and transparent terms for importers, distributors, and resellers while delivering excellent value for end customers.”

All Thermal Hero products are readily available on popular online retailers like Amazon, Newegg, and B&H. More information is available at https://thermalhero.com/.

Thermal Hero is a brand owned by IPROJEX, a German manufacturer of consumer and industrial heat dissipation solutions.


IPROJEX GmbH is an international company developing high-quality thermal paste and cooling solutions. Leveraging over twenty-five years of experience, the startup‘s expert team strives to enhance electronic device performance and reliability. IPROJEX GmbH relies on close collaboration with its partners and its ability to customize solutions for unique project needs. The company‘s global partner network and modern logistics ensure worldwide product availability. IPROJEX GmbH is headquartered in Germany and owns the widely available Thermal Hero paste brand and its products. IPROJEX was established in 2022.

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