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metaDog – Smart Companion Pet Redefining Companionship

metaDog – Smart Companion Pet Redefining Companionship

metaDog – Your Interactive Robo-Dog Companion

Meta Care – Interact with your metaDog

Elephant Robotics

Meet metaDog: Your Lifelike Companion Robot, with a lifelike appearance, interactive features, and customizable options. Available for Pre-sale on March 22nd!

SHENZHEN, GUANGDONG, CHINA, March 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The exciting news is on the horizon as the metaDog is set to launch on March 22, promising to revolutionize the concept of robotic companionship. Far more than just a machine, metaDog emerges as a loyal friend, dedicated to infusing joy and convenience into daily life.

With its sophisticated touch and voice interaction capabilities, metaDog transcends the boundaries of traditional robotics. Whether engaging in friendly conversation, playing games, or simply seeking companionship, metaDog stands ready to respond and adapt to users’ needs.

Drawing inspiration from the beloved Husky and Shiba breeds, metaDog’s lifelike design is meticulously crafted, boasting soft fur, a food-grade silicone tongue, and an active tail that mirrors the movements of its real-life counterparts. Featuring 7 distinct dog sounds and dynamic actions, metaDog offers an immersive and interactive experience that responds to touch and sound cues.

But metaDog’s appeal doesn’t end there. With over 30 voice commands at users’ disposal, metaDog facilitates rich emotional interaction, mirroring real dog behaviors like blinking and squinting, all while responding to verbal instructions for an engaging experience.

Practicality meets innovation with metaDog, as each unit comes complete with essential accessories thoughtfully packaged for convenience. From a USB-C charging cable to a comb and lint roller, metaDog ensures seamless integration into users’ daily routines. Plus, with a rechargeable lithium battery delivering up to 12 hours of continuous use, metaDog is always ready for action.

And the excitement doesn’t stop – metaDog introduces exciting new features, allowing users to customize its name to suit their preferences.

Also, metaDog together with the Meta Care app, offers a gateway to a world of endless possibilities. From engaging training exercises to thrilling virtual adventures, the app deepens the bond with metaDog, ensuring every moment spent together is brimming with excitement.

Will metaDog be a trend in companions? Or is it a good substitute for a real puppy? With its irresistible charm, advanced capabilities, and boundless potential, metaDog is poised to become the ultimate companion. Embrace the future of companionship with metaDog – the new best friend awaits.

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