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PixelFree Studio Announces New Figma-to-Code Solution – Automating front-end development from design direct to code

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PixelFree Studio Announces New Figma-to-Code Solution -Automating front-end software development from a graphical design direct to human readable backend code.

We are the only low-code software with our own UI design tool, enabling users with flexibility to create projects exactly as they want and quickly turn them into ready-to-use websites and apps.”

— Philipp Geppert, CEO

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, US, October 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — PixelFree Studio, offering the premier design-to-code solution, today announced implementation of its Figma import solution. Figma creators can now effortlessly import their designs into PixelFree and convert them into human-readable, production-ready code with one simple click.

“This achievement is a huge milestone in the history of our company,” remarked PixelFree CEO, Philipp Geppert. “We are the only low-code software in the market with our own UI design tool, enabling users with the flexibility to create projects exactly as they want and quickly turn them into ready-to-use websites and apps.”

“We are extremely proud of our development team,” noted Solomon Hartman, the company’s president. “This new feature opens up a huge market opportunity, given designers and programmers frequent complaints about Webflow’s complex Figma-to-code solution. Our process is significantly simpler, generates human-readable code, and frees customers to host their websites and apps wherever they like. Moreover, all future edits can be done directly in PixelFree, another huge beneficial timesaver in the process.”

PixelFree’s patented and patent-pending solution offers the following advantages:
* Simplicity: Simplifying the process of converting Figma designs into front-end code is a significant advantage. Traditional methods often involve manually writing code based on design specifications, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. A tool like Pixelfree Studio that streamlines this process would save developers and designers valuable time and effort.

* Human-Readable Code: Generating human-readable code is crucial for collaboration between designers and developers. Clean, well-structured code is easier to maintain and modify. It also facilitates better communication between team members who may not be proficient in coding but need to understand the design-to-code translation.

* Flexibility in Hosting: Allowing customers to host their websites and apps wherever they like provides them with greater control over their projects. This is especially valuable for businesses that have specific hosting requirements or preferences. It also reduces vendor lock-in, giving customers more freedom to choose the hosting services that best suit their needs and budget.

* Reduced Maintenance: Clean and efficient code generated by Pixelfree Studio would result in fewer bugs and maintenance issues. This not only saves time but also reduces the long-term costs associated with maintaining websites and applications.

* Improved Workflow: Simplifying the process of moving from design (in Figma) to development (in human-readable code) improves the workflow for design and development teams. It reduces the friction between these two groups and can lead to faster project delivery.

* Customization: While automation is helpful, it’s essential to allow for customization. Not all projects have the same requirements, and developers often need to tweak generated code to meet specific needs. A good solution would strike a balance between automation and customization.

* Cost-Efficiency: By simplifying the process and reducing the time spent on coding and debugging, Pixelfree Studio can potentially save organizations money in development costs.

PixelFree Studio’s Design to Code software is a standalone application that is specifically designed to generate human readable backend code and provides a more seamless workflow for designers. With this tool, designers can create their projects from scratch using PixelFree’s robust UI design tool or import their designs from Figma and convert them into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code automatically. The software uses ML (machine learning) algorithms to analyze the design and generate clean and optimized code. This process is much faster and more efficient than the manual process of exporting assets and writing code, which is inherently time-consuming and prone to errors.

Other solutions use a plug-in that requires designers to work within the limitations of the design tool itself. Users must manually add animations and interactivity to their designs using the plug-in, which can be time-consuming and complex. Furthermore, the plug-in does not have the same level of automation as PixelFree Studio, so designers may need to spend more time manually adjusting the code to achieve the desired outcome. Importantly, AnimaApp ONLY works with Google Chrome, while you can work using any Windows or Mac device (including Intel, M1 and M2 chips) using PixelFree.

PixelFree Studio’s Design-to-Code software offers more advanced features than competitive solutions. For example, the software allows designers to customize ALL code generated by its UI design tool, giving them greater control over the final output. The software also includes a library feature empowering designers to create pre-built, reusable components, such as sliders and navigation menus, which can be easily customized and shared. These features enable designers to create more complex and responsive websites without the need for additional coding expertise.

In contrast, the plug-in solution offers a more limited set of design features, and is primarily focused on converting designs into code. While this can be helpful for those who are familiar with the platform and are already using it for website building, it may not be the best choice for designers who are looking for a standalone design-to-code solution.

Another advantage of PixelFree Studio’s Design to Code software is that it offers more customization options for developers. Once a design has been converted into code, developers can easily customize the code to meet their specific needs, using the software’s built-in code editor. Designers and developers can also edit projects with ease, without the need of going back to another software to make the changes and generate code again from scratch. PixelFree handles all revisions, while critically maintaining all back-end connections.

In comparison, the plug-in solution is more limited in terms of its features. While it does offer animation and interactivity tools, it does not have the same level of customization and flexibility as PixelFree Studio. This can make it more challenging for designers to achieve the desired result, particularly when working on complex projects.

Another advantage of PixelFree Studio’s Design-to-Code software is its scalability. The software is designed to work seamlessly with any project size, from small websites to large-scale enterprise applications. This means that designers can use the tool to create responsive websites that are optimized for any screen size or device, without needing to worry about compatibility issues. PixelFree also enables full responsiveness, ensuring an optimized end-user experience.

In contrast, plug-in solution may struggle to handle large-scale projects, particularly those with complex animations and interactivity. The plug-in may become slow or unresponsive when working on large projects, which can be frustrating for designers.

Additionally, PixelFree Studio’s Design-to-Code software offers better support and resources for designers. The company provides extensive documentation, tutorials, and support forums, helping designers get up to speed quickly and troubleshoot any issues they encounter. The company also offers regular updates and improvements to the software, ensuring that it remains up-to-date and compatible with the latest design tools and technologies.

About PixelFree Studio: PixelFree Studio is at the cutting-edge of web and app development. Simply design the project using PixelFree, click our Export icon, and the project is ready in seconds to deploy as desired. The company currently offers code in C Sharp, HTML, Javascript, and CSS, and plans on offering Vue, Angular and React within the coming months. For additional information about the company and our location in the high-tech region of Saarland, please visit us at www.pixelfreestudio.com or contact us at [email protected].

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/659852155/pixelfree-studio-announces-new-figma-to-code-solution-automating-front-end-development-from-design-direct-to-code

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