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Plant in a Box Innovation with Material Tracking for Windmill Turbine Blade Recycling takes Center Stage

Sweetwater, Texas, October 28, 2023 – Global Fiberglass Solutions introduces a groundbreaking initiative for the wind energy industry.

SWEETWATER, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 28, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Plant In A Box Innovation with Material Tracking for Windmill Turbine Blade Recycling takes Center Stage.

Global Fiberglass Solutions (GFS) and BME are finishing up the design of a plant that combines material science and cutting-edge technology to take end-of-lifecycle wind blades and other materials and process them down to the consistency of flour. The reclaimed materials will be packaged for reuse to make new plastic compounded products such as railroad ties, manhole covers, plastic parts on automobiles, 100MPH plus construction boards and panels, and even watches. These products will never reach the end of life, as they can also be recycled in any GFS plant.

GFS and BME combined expertise in one room to design a plant that can consistently recycle windmill turbine blades at a rate of 10TPH to make various sizes and fractions of “GFS Flour” to fulfill the world demand for a high tensile strength compound. At the heart of GFS and BME design is an innovative screener technology that makes it possible to screen the fibrous materials to exact mesh sizes and blends as demanded by our end users. The high-tech screeners can process up to 250TPH, making up to 6 cuts from 10 – 200 mesh. The sky is the limit as to how much material we can produce.

The high efficiency of the plant is based on a series of specially designed crushers, mills, and conveyance systems that can process a 170-foot-long wind blade into smoke if we wish. With Health and Safety as our top priority and guiding principle, it comes standard with one of the world’s best air pollution control systems. The plant was designed with the minimum square footage required and created using conveyance and processing equipment that can be easily maintained no matter where GFS builds this plant in the world. It will come standard with full operations training, maintenance training, purchasing training, as well as predictive and preventative maintenance and schedules.

The Front-End Engineering study will be completed in Q4 2023 and then moved directly into the Design/Build Stage, with plans to commission the first full plant in Sweetwater, TX, in 2024. From there, GFS will quickly move into Asian and European markets, where it will soon be illegal to dispose of wind blades in landfills. To accommodate international markets, GFS is designing this plant to be a “Plant In a Box” that can be built anywhere and with a global support network. Differences between individual plants will be mainly the site-specific work; otherwise, each of them should be able to be built within ten months from the date of order.

This plant not only represents a solution to solve the wind energy industry’s landfill issue but also helps solve supply chain issues for global companies focused on green products that can take advantage of the plant’s fiberglass composite reuse potential. It can help turn the proverbial landfill issue of fiberglass composite waste streams into a valued material filler, and we are proud to present a GFS solution to accomplish that.

Contact Information: For media inquiries, interviews, or further information about the Wind Farm Turbine Blade Recycling program, please contact Global Fiberglass Solutions Email: [email protected] Phone: (888) 717-8882.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/664695402/plant-in-a-box-innovation-with-material-tracking-for-windmill-turbine-blade-recycling-takes-center-stage

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