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Scientists operated a virtual Cybertruck from lucid dreams (VIDEO)

While in a lucid dream, researchers were able to not only control a virtual Cybertruck but also avoid obstacles that appeared on the screen.

Two-way interaction with a computer from dreams opens up a whole area of new technologies. Now, these developments are crude, but soon they will change the idea of human capabilities.”

— Michael Raduga, leader of the experiment

REDWOOD CITY, CA, SAN MATEO, February 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Researchers from California startup REMspace have achieved the first two-way control of a virtual object from a lucid dream. The results of the experiment were approved for publication in the scientific journal International Journal of Dream Research.

We spend a third of our lives asleep, and humanity dreams of using this time profitably, just as the heroes of the movie Inception did. One way to do this could be to connect to computers to solve work or personal tasks while sleeping. This fascinating perspective was tested at REMspace.

Special equipment based on electromyography sensors was developed. If a person moved their legs in a dream, this led to the movement of a virtual avatar (Cybertruck) on the computer screen. Hand movements caused the car to turn, and obstacles were signaled by light through the eyelids.

Five experienced lucid dreamers took part in a laboratory study. All of them were able to consciously control a virtual Tesla while asleep when their brains were in REM sleep (confirmed by polysomnography). Two-way control of an object on the screen lasted from several seconds to several minutes.

Previously, researchers from REMspace demonstrated the transmission of music and speech from dreams. In addition, a brain implant for dream control was tested on humans (May 2023).

Videos and photos of the experiment. Preprint on ResearchGate (publication in April).

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Operating a Tesla Cybertruck from dreams

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