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Training Challenges set to Intensify with Discontinuation of Microsoft Custom Help Toolkit

Training Challenges set to Intensify with Discontinuation of Microsoft Custom Help Toolkit

Helping companies get digital adoption right is of paramount importance to ClickLearn CEO, Joachim Schiermacher.

As businesses grapple with the increasing complexity of training and onboarding, experts point to a confluence of factors driving this trend.

Digital adoption platforms bridge the help gap. They are a step up because they combine everything, including process descriptions and learning materials, into a single entity with minimal work.”

— Joachim Scheirmacher, ClickLearn CEO

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, October 19, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The recent retirement of the Microsoft Custom Help Toolkit is leaving a fair share of enterprises with a lack of standard training and onboarding content. The retirement comes even as technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, adding to a list of factors driving the trend toward training complexity.

On top of the retirement of the Custom Help Toolkit, the proliferation of apps within any given business and the evolution of cloud environments through updates are two factors that have created a formidable challenge for businesses.

These challenges have rendered digital transformation increasingly intricate for both companies and their employees. But, with only 16% of businesses reporting digital maturity, there is still a lot of digital transformation to come in the near future (McKinsey).

The effectiveness of digital adoption, defined as a user’s ability to achieve optimal utilization of a software product, has emerged as a pivotal factor in the success of digital transformation initiatives. Unfortunately, success rates for digital transformation initiatives remain disconcertingly low.

To shed light on this pressing issue, ClickLearn, the premier digital adoption platform in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, is pleased to unveil its latest collection of statistics on digital adoption. This comprehensive compilation of digital adoption statistics delves into critical aspects of digital transformation, encompassing digital transformation rates and technology adoption trends. It offers readers valuable insights into the future of digital adoption and its implications for businesses.

“The evolving landscape of digital transformation has brought about unprecedented challenges. Our latest update to the ‘Key Statistics on Digital Adoption’ is a reflection of our commitment to providing businesses with the data necessary to help navigate this complex terrain successfully,” said Anders Holm Kamper, CMO at ClickLearn.

About ClickLearn:

ClickLearn is a cross-platform digital adoption solution for enterprise software. This unique technology automates the process of creating and maintaining training and onboarding documentation. ClickLearn is able to capture work processes (in Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, IFS, and more) and automatically produce learning content and documentation for users.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/657090628/training-challenges-set-to-intensify-with-discontinuation-of-microsoft-custom-help-toolkit

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