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Verge Currency Reaches New Heights with XVG ERC-20 Token

Verge Currency Reaches New Heights with XVG ERC-20 Token



XVG ERC20_2023

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Very excited to be expanding the use case of Verge Blockchain with an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token”

— Justin “SUNEROK” Vendetta

EARTH, October 27, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an exciting turn of events, Verge Currency has marked a significant milestone as it reached its maximum supply, with a total of 16,521,951,237 XVG coins now in circulation. But that’s not all; the Verge team has also unveiled a game-changing addition to their ecosystem, the XVG ERC-20 token.

The XVG ERC-20 token, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, opens up a world of possibilities for Verge. It’s not just a new token; it’s an addition that coexists with Verge’s native blockchain (XVG). The XVG ERC-20 token, residing on the Ethereum blockchain, provides Verge ecosystem users with the exciting capability to seamlessly trade or swap between the two independent networks.

So, what makes this new addition so groundbreaking?

**1. Smart Contracts and Beyond**

By incorporating an ERC-20 token, Verge ecosystem now joins the ranks of cryptocurrencies with smart contract capabilities. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. This technology opens the door to a myriad of applications, including decentralized applications (DApps) and automated, trustless agreements. In essence, Verge ecosystem is evolving into a multifaceted platform, accommodating more than just simple peer-to-peer transactions.

**2. Enhanced Liquidity**

Verge’s team understands the importance of liquidity in the world of cryptocurrencies. To ensure there’s ample liquidity for the XVG ERC-20 token, the team has initiated a presale at https://www.pinksale.finance/launchpad/0x513349ad07e41c6800036bbb37448ef53735ea9d?chain=ETH&refId=0xe20C5E3F4F152F47647eD473C08e8CB6be66e77c

In this presale, 5,352,913,430 tokens are being made available to the community, with the primary purpose of bolstering liquidity. This means that the token will have a smoother on-ramp to various exchanges, improving accessibility and reducing slippage for traders.

**3. Uniswap Listing for Decentralized Trading**

Furthermore, the XVG ERC-20 token will get listed on Uniswap, a popular decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Ethereum network. This listing will allow users to trade XVG ERC-20 with other tokens in a completely decentralized and peer-to-peer manner. It’s a move towards democratizing access to Verge’s ecosystem, giving users more control over their assets.

**4. A Bridge for Interoperability**

One of the most exciting aspects of this development is the potential for interoperability between Verge ecosystem and Ethereum-based projects. With the XVG ERC-20 token, Verge can collaborate with other tokens and projects within the Ethereum ecosystem, opening doors to partnerships and innovative developments.

**5. The Vision for the Future**

Verge has always been a cryptocurrency that values privacy and security. With the addition of smart contract capabilities to its ecosystem and enhanced liquidity, it’s clear that the project is committed to furthering its mission. The XVG ERC-20 token not only adds a layer of versatility to the Verge ecosystem but also positions it as a player in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

**6. Token Utility**

The XVG ERC-20 token is categorized as a utility token, with its primary utility being the gateway to the expansive Ethereum ecosystem. In the world of blockchain, utility tokens grant access to specific products or services, and this new token is no exception. However, it doesn’t stop there; it carries the promise of future utilities, including possibilities like lending, farming, collateralization, and more.

One might wonder why Verge chose to build this token on the Ethereum blockchain. The answer lies in the Ethereum network’s prominence and its extensive array of decentralized applications and smart contract capabilities. By establishing a presence on Ethereum, Verge aims to tap into the vast potential for innovation and interaction within this blockchain powerhouse.

**7. Use of Funds**

Another key aspect to consider is Verge’s history as an open-source and community-driven project. Unlike many other projects, Verge did not have an initial coin offering (ICO) or premine. Instead, it relied on the dedication of its community for support over the past nine years. However, as the project continued to grow and evolve, sustaining it solely through community efforts became increasingly challenging. The creation of the XVG ERC-20 token represents a strategic move to secure the resources needed to support Verge’s ongoing development and expansion.

To ensure a robust and dynamic ecosystem, 51% of the token supply will be locked for 400 days, enhancing liquidity and stability. Furthermore, 20% of the supply is held in a burn wallet, and these tokens will be permanently removed from circulation. This deflationary mechanism is designed to benefit token holders by reducing the overall supply over time. A significant portion of the token supply, 29%, will be allocated to fund the Verge ecosystem, with 15% earmarked for exchange listings, ensuring broader accessibility. Additionally, 6% of the supply is designated to support the Verge team’s continued efforts, furthering the project’s development and sustainability. Finally, 1% of the token supply will directly contribute to the original Verge blockchain, reinforcing its continued growth.

This strategic move to introduce the XVG ERC-20 token reflects Verge’s commitment to innovation, community support, and expanding its offerings. As Verge Currency continues to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape, this new addition holds the promise of a brighter and more interconnected future for the project and its users.

In conclusion, the launch of the XVG ERC-20 token is a significant step forward for Verge Currency. It underscores the project’s commitment to adapt to changing trends and embrace the full potential of blockchain technology. With new possibilities for smart contracts, improved liquidity, and interoperability, Verge is shaping up to be a dynamic ecosystem that caters to the needs and aspirations of its community. We look forward to seeing how this innovative move transforms the Verge landscape and contributes to the broader blockchain industry. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey!

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