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WinFindr Revolutionizes the Windows Search Experience With a Game-Changing Natural Search Feature

The natural search feature enables users to easily find something they know they have, but don’t really know exactly the search terms.

PORI, FINLAND, October 19, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Macecraft Software continues to push up the standards in Windows searching apps by releasing WinFindr with a new natural search feature. This feature allows users to find their files even without knowing the exact wording used in them. This feature along with several other improvements and fixes are available in WinFindr version 1.5.

Jouni Flemming, Macecraft Software’s founder and the developer of WinFindr thinks the default way of searching is broken and not very user-friendly. Typically, users need to type in the exact search terms in order to get the results and this method doesn’t allow for spelling mistakes nor half-correct search terms. “If, for example, I want to find my invoice files and type in ‘invoice’ and it turns out those files are named ‘invoicing’, I am gonna have a hard time simply because the app can’t search beyond exact search terms. The human brain doesn’t work like this and it’s simply not a great user experience,” he explained.

Then came the idea of adding a natural search feature. This feature works by ignoring derived forms of English words in the search. When enabled, the search term “invoice” will match the filename “Invoicing.pdf” and the search term “Portugal” will match the filename “Portuguese Cakes.doc”, and so on.

Though the natural search sounds like a simple feature, the behind-the-scenes process is complicated. Basically, WinFindr is equipped with a built-in dictionary of all English words to make the new natural search feature work. When the app is used for searching, the search engine first checks whether the current spelling matches the search terms, if not, then the base form spelling of each word is checked.

Jouni also added, “As an engineer, I believe any piece of software is created to make people’s lives easier. It’s bewildering for me how unfriendly the Windows searching experience is, and somehow we all accept and even adjust ourselves to it in order to make the software run properly. It should be the other way around, and I am trying to define a new norm with WinFindr.”

The natural search feature, along with several app improvements are available in the new WinFindr version 1.5. The program can be downloaded for free from https://winfindr.com/

About Macecraft Software

Macecraft Software is the publisher of a Windows search app called WinFindr, a Windows Utility Suite called jv16 PowerTools, and a Registry Cleaner named RegCleaner. The company was founded in 2003 and has been in the business ever since. Find out more about Macecraft Software at https://jv16powertools.com

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Macecraft Software
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WinFindr 1.5 – Easily find your files in Windows

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/662883590/winfindr-revolutionizes-the-windows-search-experience-with-a-game-changing-natural-search-feature

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