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YDISTRI joins Microsoft’s Pegasus program & elite roundtables with industry leaders

YDISTRI joins Microsoft’s Pegasus program & elite roundtables with industry leaders

Microsoft’s esteemed program, Pegasus, is an incubator that connects growing startups with major global enterprise customers.

PRAGUE, THE CAPITAL, CZECH REPUBLIC, October 19, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Startup YDISTRI has achieved a significant milestone by being hand-picked for Microsoft’s esteemed program, Pegasus – an incubator connecting growing startups with major global enterprise customers. Through this program, YDISTRI can receive significant credits for Microsoft services, support from Microsoft’s global tech and business teams, and access to the latest technologies provided by the tech giant. Being chosen for the Pegasus program also grants participation in exclusive events, some held at Microsoft HQ, bringing together startups, industry leaders, and enterprise customers, and featuring key thought leaders from the industry.

Pegasus is a special two-year program curated by Microsoft that helps startups level up their business customer opportunities. The Pegasus Program is currently ‘invite-only,’ and YDISTRI became one of the very first companies selected from the region. The startup responds to the current challenging economic situation and needs of the retailers to be more resilient. It impressed with its smart solution which helps retailers manage their inventory by efficiently decreasing unsellable or deadstock items. YDISTRI’s smart solution is fully cloud-based, using a highly effective predictive and optimization algorithm for its redistribution models.

Linking Successful Startups with Big Customers .

To be selected for the Pegasus program, startups must meet strict criteria comprising technological and business requirements along with an innovative approach to current market challenges.

The Pegasus program connects growing startups with Microsoft’s prominent customers, focusing on industries such as artificial intelligence, retail, healthcare, natural sciences, and cybersecurity. The primary role of the program is to act as a matchmaker, identifying enterprise customers with specific business challenges and connecting them with the right startup solutions.

In business development, the Pegasus Program primarily aims to create qualified customer opportunities and recruit enterprise buyers into its community. Through various organized events and platforms, it strives to generate market awareness for the Pegasus portfolio. The ultimate goal is to accelerate deals, smoothing the path for startups to transact efficiently with enterprise clients, thereby fostering a thriving, collaborative business ecosystem.

Startups in the Pegasus program can receive substantial credits for Azure, LinkedIn, or GitHub, showcasing a high level of support. They also get assistance from Microsoft’s selected top tech and business experts who guide them in creating sales opportunities in their sector and navigating market entry. This is crucial for startups looking to build momentum in their Microsoft partnership, both during their time in Pegasus and beyond.

“Being part of the program will help us fulfill our mission – to enable more companies to efficiently utilize their finances and avoid being tied up in deadstock,” adds Roland Dzogan, CEO and co-founder of YDISTRI.

YDISTRI Boosts Retailers’ Profits by Up to 20%.

YDISTRI’s cloud platform employs a predictive and optimization algorithm utilizing AI to identify poorly sellable or unsalable inventory in real time. It locates a suitable branch where there is demand and transforms the deadstock into healthy stock with high sales potential within a specified period. YDISTRI can also revitalize over 90% of potential dead stock and increase the profits of retailers by up to 20%.

YDISTRI doesn’t require any special input or skills. It operates solely with data that retailers already possess—specifically, data related to inventory management, logistics, or accounting purposes. Moreover, it’s very user-friendly and operates on a monthly subscription basis in the cloud as a SaaS.

” We believe partnerships are crucial for YDISTRI’s success in offering high-quality services and accelerating positive outcomes. Leveraging Microsoft’s Pegasus program, we’ll draft the right strategies to navigate new markets and collaboratively resolve client challenges ” concludes Mario Megela, Partnership Director of YDISTRI.

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